Nitrocellulose is used in various industries, and there are different types of nitrocellulose products available based on their degree of nitration and specific properties. Here are some common nitrocellulose products:

1. Low Nitrocellulose (Low Nitration):

Low nitrocellulose, also known as “low nitration” nitrocellulose, has a lower degree of nitration, typically ranging from 10% to 12.6%. It has a higher cellulose content compared to other types of nitrocellulose. Low nitrocellulose products are often used in applications where a more flexible film or coating is required. They provide excellent adhesion and are commonly used in wood finishes, leather finishes, and some printing inks.

2. Medium Nitrocellulose (Medium Nitration):

Medium nitrocellulose has a moderate degree of nitration, typically ranging from 12.6% to 12.9%. It strikes a balance between flexibility and strength. Medium nitrocellulose finds applications in coatings, lacquers, and gravure printing inks. It provides good film-forming properties, adhesion, and drying characteristics.

3. High Nitrocellulose (High Nitration):

High nitrocellulose, also known as “high nitrations,” has a higher degree of nitration, typically ranging from 12.9% to 13.3% or higher. It has a lower cellulose content compared to low and medium nitrocellulose. High nitrocellulose products are highly flammable and find applications in pyrotechnics, explosive materials, and propellants. They have a rapid burning rate and are used to create special effects, fireworks, and theatrical explosives.

4. Modified Nitrocellulose:

Modified nitrocellulose refers to nitrocellulose products that have undergone additional chemical modifications or processing to enhance specific properties. These modifications can include plasticization, stabilization, or blending with other polymers. Modified nitrocellulose can have tailored characteristics such as improved flexibility, solubility, or compatibility with specific coatings, inks, or adhesives.


It’s important to note that the specific properties and product offerings may vary among manufacturers. The choice of nitrocellulose product depends on the desired application, performance requirements, and regulations governing its use in specific industries.

When looking for nitrocellulose products, it is advisable to consult with reputable suppliers  e.g KIKI’S INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS LTD or manufacturers who can provide detailed information about their product offerings and help you select the most suitable nitrocellulose product for your specific needs.










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