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We are delighted to offer Calcium Chloride Flakes 77% in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. As a trusted provider of high-quality industrial chemicals, we understand the diverse needs of our customers across East Africa. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we are your reliable partner for all your calcium chloride requirements.

Applications of calcium chloride flakes 77%

Calcium Chloride Flakes 77% have a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are some of the common applications:

  1. Deicing and Snow Removal: Calcium Chloride Flakes 77% are widely used for deicing and snow removal purposes. They help melt ice and snow quickly and effectively, making them crucial for maintaining safe and accessible roads, sidewalks, and parking lots during winter.

  2. Dust Control: Calcium Chloride Flakes 77% are utilized for dust suppression in industries such as mining, construction, and agriculture. When applied to unpaved surfaces, they bind with dust particles, reducing airborne dust and improving visibility and air quality.

  3. Concrete and Construction: Calcium Chloride Flakes 77% are used as a concrete accelerator in construction projects. By speeding up the hydration process, they help reduce setting time, increase early strength development, and improve overall concrete performance.

  4. Oil and Gas Industry: Calcium Chloride Flakes 77% find application in the oil and gas industry. They are used for well drilling and completion fluids, as they provide density control and prevent hydration and swelling of clay formations.

  5. Food Processing: Calcium Chloride Flakes 77% are used in the food industry for various purposes. They are added to pickles to maintain crispness, enhance flavor, and prevent spoilage. Additionally, they are used in cheese production to aid in coagulation and improve texture.

  6. Water Treatment: Calcium Chloride Flakes 77% are employed in water treatment processes. They help adjust pH levels, control alkalinity, and maintain proper water chemistry in swimming pools, spas, and water treatment plants.

  7. Industrial Processes: Calcium Chloride Flakes 77% are used in several industrial processes. They are utilized as a desiccant to control humidity and moisture levels in storage areas, manufacturing facilities, and electronic equipment. They also serve as a drying agent in gas and liquid dehydration processes.

  8. Agricultural Applications: Calcium Chloride Flakes 77% are used in agriculture as a source of calcium and to provide essential nutrients to plants. They help improve soil structure, enhance plant growth, and prevent nutrient deficiencies.

  9. Pharmaceutical Industry: Calcium Chloride Flakes 77% find application in the pharmaceutical industry for various purposes, including as an additive in medicines, as a component of saline solutions, and for intravenous therapy.

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