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We are excited to offer Carbomer-940 in Kenya. At Kiki’s Industrial Chemicals, we specialize in providing high-quality industrial chemicals to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With our commitment to excellence and extensive product knowledge, we are your trusted partner for all your Carbomer-940 requirements.

Carbomer -940 applications

Carbomer-940 is a versatile polymer that finds numerous applications in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, personal care, and cosmetics. As a leading supplier of Carbomer-940 in Kenya, we ensure that our product meets the highest quality standards and delivers outstanding performance.

  1. Pharmaceuticals: Carbomer-940 is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as a thickening, suspending, and emulsifying agent. It helps improve the viscosity and stability of oral gels, topical creams, ointments, and eye drops.

  2. Personal Care Products: Carbomer-940 is a key ingredient in various personal care products, including hair gels, styling products, hand sanitizers, and moisturizing lotions. It provides excellent rheological properties, enhancing product texture, stability, and performance.

  3. Cosmetics: In the cosmetics industry, Carbomer-940 is used in the formulation of creams, lotions, and serums. It helps create luxurious textures, improves product spreadability, and provides enhanced moisturization and skin feel.

  4. Gel-Based Products: Carbomer-940 is commonly used to create gel-based products such as facial masks, toothpaste gels, and shaving gels. It offers excellent gelling properties, providing the desired consistency and stability to these formulations.

  5. Cleaning Products: Carbomer-940 is also utilized in the formulation of cleaning products, including hand sanitizers, detergents, and surface cleaners. It aids in achieving the desired viscosity and suspension of active ingredients, ensuring effective cleaning performance.



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Ordering Carbomer-940 from Kiki’s Industrial Chemicals is simple. Just contact our sales team via phone or email, and we will guide you through the ordering process. We offer flexible shipping options to ensure timely delivery to your desired location.

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